Susan Bainbridge     novelist

Hoarfrost and Cherry Blossoms 

Susan Bainbridge is the author of Hoarfrost and Cherry Blossoms. 


A wonderful novel, set in the isolation of northern Canada, Hoarfrost and Cherry Blossoms, is the story of a young man, Brian, and his eclectic mix of good friends. Through both comic and tragic events, the novel highlights the tenuous relationship people have with life and death.   Brian’s experiences are often entertaining, absurd, outrageous and sometimes, quite dramatic.


This unique novel begins with Brian and his girlfriend finding a trapper frozen to death while they are out for a walk. Black humor and insightful, revealing dialogue ensues when the community deals with the death. Later, the neighboring community quietly steals the town’s curling stones as a payback for a similar prank the previous year. The silly joke turns into an international incident with Japanese businesses, the Canadian government and global corporations all aware of the action.


Small occurrences turn into entertaining and amusing major events in Hoarfrost and Cherry Blossoms. Even when things take a darker turn, the reader is constantly surprised and intrigued by this inventive tale. Can Brian find happiness with his girlfriend? Will his group of friends move on? Does Brian learn to accept the fluid dynamics of life? What role will fate play?

Susan Bainbridge enthusiastically brings her first novel to readers. She sincerely hopes you enjoy Hoarfrost and Cherry Blossoms.


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